Sunday, April 6, 2014

Poem: S.O.S.


A galvanized burden settles on the
underclass, flavors the tapwater if
they feel like it and will even
eat their bagels with peanut
butter like freaking cossacks.

Before it all comes undone I’d
like to say I didn’t know who
she was, didn’t know the psycho-
sexual meaning of the word
kayak was only looking for a
quiet paddle along the lakefront but
this does underscore the
advantages of generous tipping.

I am a flyover of the worst
kind a bluenose huffpuff willing to
entertain anything short of
homicide if it means another sale but
sadly any real success depends on
believing one’s own bullshit and believe
me I would never believe mine.
Take a large breath and let it
out teasing the flow with
glottal stops and vowelular
nudges in order to appear as
if you are carrying one half of
a conversation even when you are.

I could name a thousand
situations I would rather
occupy than being with you
right here right then but I
am cognizant of feelings and the
mandates of civilized society and
so I will pretend to be more
than content to stay here and
inhale your odious breath.


From the collection Fields of Satchmo 
Photo by MJV

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