Sunday, March 9, 2014

Poem: Star


Famed for her glutes the
Armenian wonder dominates the
checkout stand

Joe fights the bottledogs,
trudges the want ads.
Across the coffeehouse, his
ultrasound son comes into focus.

Renowned for her derriere the
sister princess bends over to
adjust the train.
The world spins faster.

The crick in Jon’s neck turns
biomass, a mutiny of cells.
My father drives the state to
map out the alleyways

Gloried for her backside the
dancersingersactressproducer talks the
old ‘hood buy this car I am
just like you

Jen’s husband falls for a
cartoon, rents an apartment,
places his children on a
shuttle that never stops

Inkwell prostitutes,
bandwidth oligarchs,
junkies of the moving picture –
name them in a poem you’ve
got a sale

Lose yourself in
galaxies your

From the collection Fields of Satchmo

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