Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poem: Dairy


Kilowatts run from the coal
plant signs of the flood badge of
sensitive we dance the sun until the
moon cuts in

Bear, Mandolin, Red Rock, Blackwater,
Pegasus, Beehive I raise my
pen I write my fondest desire I
send it aloft on a weather balloon

A man in Calgary reports an
alien craft entirely missing the
northern lights which are
merely the remnants of my
desire exploded over the
Rockies in a shimmering
lime green although I had
always envisioned chartreuse

I dream of golf but can’t
afford golf so I dream of
piracy determined to win the
costume contest I crash the
tattoo parlor and request an

Dearborn, carelessly lived,
foolishly sought the sirens of
love and approval not knowing
that money buys them both.
A world of asskissers, luckyborns,
yapdogs, your payment waits in
heaven which does not exist

Aim higher that squirrel is not
going to kill itself could you
please pass the oh my god stop!

Amy Yardaway, love of my life,
races to the edge of the
turnout, somewhere outside
Calgary, stops at the fence and
stares. A lime green cow.

She smiles oceanically.
I am all at once.

From the collection Fields of Satchmo
Photo by MJV

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