Monday, August 24, 2015

Song for Bernie

Song for Bernie

I know that words like “integrity” are thrown around too much
And believing in an honest man just means you’re out of touch
But I met a man in the Vermont woods and he took me for a walk
Said he wants to be the President, and I like the way he talks

It used to be that a working stiff could buy himself a home
Send the children off to college, take a summer trip to Rome
But they’ve decided that the upper floor is the only one that counts
So they leave the rest to buy food and shelter with miniscule amounts

Have you had enough of lesser devils when you go off to vote?
Have you had enough of bailing water from the bottom of your boat?
Well listen up, America, there’s a way to change your fate
Pick the greater of two angels, and let’s set this country straight

Oh it’s easy to throw up your hands and say they’re all the same
And the way that it’s been going, I can’t say that you’re to blame
But if you had one man to fight for you, what more could you ever want

Than to put your country in the hands of an angel from Vermont

Copyright 2015 by Michael J. Vaughn

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