Sunday, March 29, 2015

Breaking into Songwriting: "Get Me"

The guitarists for my cover band, Vince Wilkins and Steve "Swigg" Ernst, had a couple of snappy instrumentals, and asked me to write lyrics and vocal lines for them. It was a fun experience, since I'd always felt that most popular lyrics don't stretch far enough toward poetry, and I wanted to explore that middle ground. This is the second of the two, based on an instrumental titled "Police Jam" for its spacy, "Walking on the Moon" feel. It was my first real venture into songwriting, and it was quite a buzz!

Get Me

Once on this precipice
I saluted you with rattlesnakes and charms
Stoned on my edifice
I awoke to find you sleeping in my arms

Do you get me?

Ride me on your carousel
Feed me flashing lights and overwhelming speed
Drown me in your wishing well
Give me stupid dreams that’s all I ever need

Do you get me? Do you dig me?
Do you understand?


Meet me by your waterfalls
tell me tragic jokes and shower me with air
Let me take you all-in-all
to the seven constellations in your hair


Tule fogs and morning songs
keep our tires humming to a highway call
Summer sun and winter long
you can find our faces in the canyon walls

Do you love me? Do you hate me?
Do you drain me? Do you sate me?
Do you dig me? Do you get me?
Do you understand?

Copyright 2015 by Michael J. Vaughn

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