Sunday, May 4, 2014

Poem: C U Soon

C U Soon

Would like to attend your
fiesta but I keep dropping runes.
Running inscrutables. Losing my rupees.

If these things happen without me,
how important are they?
One tends to derive one’s
value from making one scarce when
two would be so much nicer.

I receive the weekly nibble from
Ellen and I do not know
what to make of it.
We stand on a half-lit tennis court.
I return serve but nothing comes back.

So I take her text and
feed it to a squirrel.
He scampers to the next table, says
How u doing? LOL
and runs away to chew on a laptop.

I hope the exchange eventually
runs to three, because Ellen is the
one who drags me to the beach,
awakens my inner pyrophile and
introduces me to the constellations.

(My friend Rob will dance naked around a
fire but now has children.)

Perhaps I will send an email to
Castor, Pollux, Aldebaran and the
gated community of the Pleiades.

I apologize for my recent
inattentiveness to your marvelosity,
but I have lost my key to the cosmos.

Hope you’re having a fine summer.


From the collection Fields of Satchmo 
Photo by MJV

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