Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poem: Corpus Callosum

Corpus Callosum

Caustic intelligence works a
neon scatter along Castro Street,
lightning bug riots alive with
nationalities, screwjets, gearheads.
Disassemble the universe with an
Allen wrench, put it back
together with a gas-
powered tennis racquet.

Microwaves scrimmaging the dish,
pulsar grasshoppers, genetic
codes on the back of a stamp,
accelerators spraying the
hills with database.

We are edgewalkers, tectonic scuttlebutt;
wipe a hand through the air and
come away with pixels.
Graymatter princes who can
barely form a civilized
sentence map out the
escalators of human evolution,
tapping at their cyberphones like
seedless finches.

First published in Willard & Maple
Champlain College
Burlington, Vermont

From the collection Fields of Satchmo

Art by Greg Hill

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