Friday, January 3, 2014

Poem: Stupid Faith

Stupid Faith

Fathers of serendoubtery flip the
wide universe, shred, compress,
serve it on BLTs.

This is your brain,
given for us.

Stars and quarks too
infinitous to upsell,
to venture-capitalize,
to shrink-wrap.

Actual ideas are extra-terrestrial,
aphrodisiac, cannot be made to
wear leashes and fetch tennis balls.

A tsunami makes a bare
ripple until it breaches a continent.
Open up the dish, lunar
peppercorns dance the celestial dome.

We live at the margins in the
ionized air, far from the
American hinterminds, the daily
radio script, the labcoat effigies.
The ones who deny evolution are
correct for they are not evolving.

Had breakfast with Benjamin
Franklin still grieving Tommy
Paine but fascinated by the
triple-syrup tray, the neon
lights, the waitress’s cleavage.

Life is the greatest
toy ever dreamed.
Don’t ever stop playing.

He took a bite of eggs
Benedict and nearly cried.
You could hear the
static behind his eyes,
crackling, red-hot, untethered.

First published in The Journal, Cumbria, England

Photo by MJV

From the collection Fields of Satchmo, free on Amazon Kindle Jan. 3-4. 

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