Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Error Undone

Several years ago, I wrote a novel, Rhyming Pittsburgh, about a failed marriage proposal, and I dedicated it to the woman who inspired the story. This is how authors should always decide dedications: dedicate it to the person who had the most to do with your writing the thing in the first place.

At the time, my new girlfriend did not agree with me. She complained that the dedication was yet another indication that I was still obsessed with the woman in question. I replied that writing the novel, in fact, was my way of working that woman out of my system.

Alas, I crumbled. I dedicated the novel to my sister (who deserves to have all of my novels dedicated to her). But I regretted that decision ever since.

Fortunately, things change. The new girlfriend was soon gone. The small press that released the novel went out of business. Years later, I re-released Rhyming Pittsburgh on Amazon Kindle.

And I changed the dedication.

I feel much better.

You can buy Rhyming Pittsburgh at Amazon Kindle for 99 cents. And find out who that dedication was for.

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